Thursday, January 5, 2012

Potato Stampin'

During this Holiday break I spent a night with friends in Tremont having a little get together drinking, eating, and making potato stamps. Potato stamps? What are those? well, it’s stamps that we carved out of potatoes of course!We got together at Elisabeth’s where she supplied potatoes, x acto knives and paint and a stamp makin’ we went!

Stamp making is as simple as cutting a potato in half, carving an image into it, painting it, and stamping it on paper! So easy, and very fun. Add some spirits and a couple of immature, I mean creative, people and it gets even better!

Sara, Mallory and Kelly Carving

Everyone’s stamps!(glasses, weiner dog, rose, mustache, boobs, skull and crossbones, top hat and monocle)

We decided taking shots out of potatoes was a good idea. Potato Shots!

Rings of all the ladies.

Elisabeth, Mallory and I out at the bars.

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