Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vintage Summer

I’ll admit it! Don’t really like thrifting! I’m trying to I swear and I want to, but I am very impatient and I get fed up with it unless I’m having a lucky day. Most of my thrifted things are gifts, but each item is making me realize how amazing thrifting really is. cheap, amazing, unique items? I need to get better at this!

This purse is a wonderful example. My friend Cydney got this vintage coach purse for me at a thrift store she used to work at. I think she paid something ridiculous like six dollars. AMAZING! Thank you Cydney!

My button up was thrifted by my best friend Elisabeth from a vintage shop in London. It fits me perfectly!

Believe it or not I thrifted my ring. See, I’m trying.

Thrift shopping saves you money and gets you cool original pieces for cheap! Who knew? apparently everyone.

Other Items: glasses $3 at Wet Seal, shorts $15 at Wet Seal, bracelets $4 at Forever 21, shoes $22 at Charlotte Russe.

I'm really excited about my new tattoo!

Photos were taken by Lindsey, check her out at

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bad Hair Day Gone Right.

Regardless of it being summer I usually have to get up early for work, and sometimes those mornings aren’t the prettiest depending on the night’s activities before. Usually those ugly mornings consist of hair that wont be able to be fixed regardless of how much a tease and brush and spray an pull. I know everyone has these mornings and I know everyone has pretty much the same solution: a hat.

On a morning just like how I just described I picked up a hat that helped me discover an outfit I never realized I had. So it really ended up being a bad hair day gone right. It made me realize that I should be looking at my accessories more to help me get out of my closet slumps. Seriously try it sometimes. It is kind of a refreshing way to look at your closet.

These photos were taken by my friend Lindsey, Check out more of her photos at:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's a summer day

In honor of the first day of summer I’m giving you a fun casual summer outfit. With summer we bring out bright whites, bold florals and bright colors. Here I’m wearing a straight mini-skirt with a little ruffled tier(Wet Seal). With the style and colors I’m sort of trying to channel the 80’s, but in a not so in your face way. My little cross body purse helps to emanate the era with the bright color and the gold chain(Betsey Johnson). I’m wearing a baggy white tank with a knotted key hole back and just a bright colored bra peaking out.

Since it will be getting hotter and hotter short skirts and airy tanks are more of my go-to out fit in summer. And since the bra is a bright color that matches, I think it’s alright to be a bit revealing, and pretty fun too. It is better then layering in the heat.

I’m wearing my my thin soled white vans with this for more of a fun, funky look and also just for play. This outfit would be pretty ideal for walking around all day at an amusement park, or music festival and even going on a bike ride(with my bike shorts underneath, of course).

This outfit is basically to give the notion of play time in the summer and I must say, I’m very excited for play this summer!