Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gotta Have Faith

Gotta have faith
I forgot my cross earring! OK, so I am not really that into George Michael,
at all. However, he is kind of all I think about when I see this outfit.
I have been dreaming of a bright blue blazer for a long time, so when I found
this at Forever 21, my life was complete..not really. I do like to color
blocking with this blazer, however i’m all about a monochromatic look. It’s
really easy to accomplish, just choose one bright color for an accent with
blacks, whites, and grays.
easy, chic, and clean.
Blazer and ring- Forever 21, Jeans and tank-Wet Seal, shoes-Charlotte Russe,
purse- thrifted, Bracelet- American Eagle.

Photos by Lindsey

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