Saturday, January 7, 2012


Before I Showed this blazer as part of an outfit for a more warm weather look. Now that it is January and we had our first big snow I want to give a more practical and kind of casual way to wear a bright blazer with still stick to my sort of style.Here I am wearing My teal blazer with layered black and white tank tops, jean shorts with black tights and utility boots. I accessorized with silver and grey. This could easily be done with pants and boots or a skirt/ tight combination. whatever fits one’s personal style. I am just more comfortable with tights and shorts, or in jeans.

Blazer and Tights- Forever 21. Scarf, Shorts, Black Tank, and boots- Wet Seal. White Tank- Bella. Jewelry- Pac Sun, Gifts, and the necklace I made.

Photos by Lindsey.


  1. Love the outfit! The colour of that blazer rocks!

  2. I want to paint my living room the same colour as your blazer! Care to let me borrow it? Haha.

    You look great!

  3. I thought you were going to start posting more! ;) I freaking love the color of this blazer. Seriously. But really though, I'm putting on my bossy-pants and insisting we see more from you :)