Monday, January 30, 2012

The Civil Side

As my end to college slowly approaches I am starting to consider future jobs and with that I need to consider looking like a more civilized human being. Not saying that I’m not civilized, or even presentable, however my tattoos and stretched ears wont always be seen that way.This past week I had to go to a company with my sales class and dress professional, which meant being completely covered. This is not an issue for me, and it never will be, I love tattoos and will show them if I can, but if they have to be covered it doesn’t matter, I’ll put them away for a while, I know they’ll be there when I get back.

So with that being said and being that it’s winter- I love a reason to dress up and cover up! This blouse is nice because it’s sheerness isn’t an issue due to the pattern, you can barely make out a tattoo under it. I love the toile type flower in black and white, and my green skirt is a nice structured cotton and tulip fit. and of course my legs are covered with tights. Oh, how I love winter for my ability to wear tights so often!The really amazing camouflage to my sort of alternative style is all thanks to my Mom for finding me the rose plugs on-line from Urban Star. Since I’ve worn them I’ve only had one person realize that they were plugs. Great job, Mom!

Even though I may not get the awesome job of dressing rock stars or something like that, I can still be covered in tattoos, and for the most part, hide them from the world. Unfortunantly my 3 job stoppers may pose more of a problem. The two on my neck can usually be covered by hair, but the one on my hand…well there is make up for that. Even if you don’t have tattoos to cover, there are a few concealers that can be used that will basically cover ANYTHING.

Dermablend and Tattoo Concealer by Kat Von D are both effective, long lasting and water proof!
Wet Seal- shoes, blouse. Forever 21- skirt, tights. Jewelry- betsey johnson, urban star

Photos by Lindsey

Vegas Baby

I’m not really an Elvis fan, or a Vegas fan for that matter, but there is something about this sort of style that gets me wishing I had more retro bathing suits and cowboy shirts. I wouldn’t even turn down a bolo tie with the right outfit.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Default: Animal

Animal print gives me two different feelings: confidence and comfort. There is something about animal print that bundles these two up for me perfectly. It could be because my room is covered in it, it could be because when you see my friends and I, chances are one of us are wearing a form of it. or maybe just the simple fact that it is versatile and amazing.

Some may disagree. I have heard people call it trashy, and I have even heard the term hooker used in relation to the print. Oh no, I stop them quickly and explain this:

It is the perfect pattern to mix with your neutrals, or even colors, for example: I really enjoy it with orange, red, and green.(anyone who has been to Cilantro in akron- the entire color and pattern theme for that place- perfect!) If someone is too scared to wear an animal print, I tell them to start out small with a belt or scarf or something. Then they can move on to bigger and better things once they’ve had their toes in the water for a bit.

This leopard blazer is a real treasure in my eyes. I’ve worn it in so many ways, but this outfit is a new favorite of mine. I really enjoy the all black with hints of gold, and animal print as well as a faux fur clutch(which is actually a muff too!). The leather shorts are a nice texture change between the blacks too. I know some of you are picky about matching your blacks, or browns, or any color for that matter.

Here is a suggestion: Mix the textures! there is no way they are going to match perfectly, so this may help put your mind at ease when you don’t match perfectly AND it makes the like color scheme more interesting! keep this in mind and try it, I promise you wont be disappointed!

If you need some inspiration for animal print, I will give you my fashion muse to look up: Allison Mosshart. She looks badass, but still put together.

Forever 21: shorts, shirt, tights. Wet Seal: shoes. H&M: blazer. Clutch/Muff: Icing. Jewelry: betsey johnson, charlotte russe, aldo.

Photos by Lindsey

Friday, January 13, 2012

West Coast/ East Coast

Coming from California to Ohio has posed some challenges in preparing for what winter actually feels like. I did live in a place where it did snow a few times in the winter, But nothing like this. After a few years of practice, figuring out that i need things like wool, and layers and lining in coats to keep myself freezing, I have finally got a collection a proper winter attire.This winter stockholm has been my inspiration for winter clothing, ans though to look as chic as them is very difficult, I am atleast taking it into consideration when I dress for a day in the cold.Here I am in a way bring my western roots to the east combining a cowboy boot with a winter coat. It’s kind of my happy medium between going from there to here.

Wet Seal- coat, jeans, boots. H&M- scarfphotos by Lindsey.


Hey everyone! I have a Tumblr too just so you know!

The tumblr is actually my main blog, but the re-vamp of this blog has turned that idea around!
Please check it out and follow it if you do have a tumblr!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Before I Showed this blazer as part of an outfit for a more warm weather look. Now that it is January and we had our first big snow I want to give a more practical and kind of casual way to wear a bright blazer with still stick to my sort of style.Here I am wearing My teal blazer with layered black and white tank tops, jean shorts with black tights and utility boots. I accessorized with silver and grey. This could easily be done with pants and boots or a skirt/ tight combination. whatever fits one’s personal style. I am just more comfortable with tights and shorts, or in jeans.

Blazer and Tights- Forever 21. Scarf, Shorts, Black Tank, and boots- Wet Seal. White Tank- Bella. Jewelry- Pac Sun, Gifts, and the necklace I made.

Photos by Lindsey.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Potato Stampin'

During this Holiday break I spent a night with friends in Tremont having a little get together drinking, eating, and making potato stamps. Potato stamps? What are those? well, it’s stamps that we carved out of potatoes of course!We got together at Elisabeth’s where she supplied potatoes, x acto knives and paint and a stamp makin’ we went!

Stamp making is as simple as cutting a potato in half, carving an image into it, painting it, and stamping it on paper! So easy, and very fun. Add some spirits and a couple of immature, I mean creative, people and it gets even better!

Sara, Mallory and Kelly Carving

Everyone’s stamps!(glasses, weiner dog, rose, mustache, boobs, skull and crossbones, top hat and monocle)

We decided taking shots out of potatoes was a good idea. Potato Shots!

Rings of all the ladies.

Elisabeth, Mallory and I out at the bars.