Monday, August 29, 2011

Putting Up a Fight

It is the first day of school today. I’m pretty reluctant to set foot on campus right now. One- because I spent yesterday at cedar point and am now exhausted. Two- because the first day of school simply means….summer is over? Not if I can help it.

We were lucky enough to be blessed with a week of warm weather to kick off the year which mean I am going to squeeze in every summer outfit I have before it is too late. Bring it on fall, I am about to fight back with florals and brights.(Not that you can’t wear these in other seasons, but you have to with a certain subtly compared to going all out in summer.) There are some fall trends and styles that I am really looking forward to though.

Here I am wearing my floral high-waisted shorts from forever 21. A red tank from Wet Seal. Cream oxfords for PacSun. I added some layers of bright colored bracelets and my antique ring that I got as my “class ring” in high school.(class rings are ugly, so my mom and I decided to find a unique one just for me.)

I will be putting up a fight all week until the cold sets in.


Check out more photos done by Lindsey on her Flickr.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

White and Gold

I’ve been so incredibly busy that I have barely had time to post except for little randoms from my blackberry. Missy and I moved to an apartment and I’m still unpacking/getting adjusted because work has been nonstop and when I’m not working, I’m playing. so now it’s time to organize my life and visit this neglected blog.

This is an Incredibly light, gauzy dress from Forever 21 that I accessorized with gold jewelry and a belt, and some satiny leopard flats! I love this color pairing! black and gold is preferable, but there is something great and summery about white and gold. I believe it’s the brightness that gets me. I LOVE BRIGHT! if you can’t tell by the color of my head you can tell by this outfit! Lindsey even said my head was glowing when she was taking pictures.( I love that)

Visit for more photos by lindsay.