Monday, October 31, 2011

Black Maxi Skirt

skirt and boots- Forever 21, vest, tank, necklace- Wet Seal, cuff- gift
photos by Lindsey

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Frock Party 4

This past Saturday we had our forth Frock Party! For those who don’t know a
frock party is a clothing swap. My friend Elisabeth and I host on every fall and
spring season. We have friends come over to shop through old clothes that the
other girls no longer want. the conditions are gently used and regarding the
season in which we host the party, so in this case it was fall winter
Each girl brought 5-10 items to swap for and we separated the clothes and
accessories into price ranges that they belonged and we chose from there. A girl
shopped in each price section at one time so people wouldn’t get bored, while
others sat and drank and ate.
Whenever a couple of girls would both want the same item we would have a walk
off. Kelly and I had a walk off over a black cardigan with gold chain trim.
Sadly, she won. But I got a gold chain purse to make up for it.
In the ended we tried to round up everyone to pick out their favorites to get
a picture with them, however it was the end of the night and there was a lot of
wine and beer, so not everyone was as cooperative. Then we all went out for
drinks and eventually the most amazing pizza with honey crust.
Each one is getting better and better! hopefully it can become big enough to
get giant group of girls together!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Frock Party

Today is me and my friend Elisabeth’s 4th annual frock party. We will be very
busy putting it together today with snacks and clothing set up! I’m really
excited that this has been an on going thing for us and hopefully it can
continue and eventually become big enough to have at a venue. Possibly one at
Be on the look out for our frock party post! but in the mean time! Here is a
kimono style blouse I got from Forever 21 that I’m pretty excited about. It
actually hangs open, but I belted it for this outfit.

photo by Lindsey

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brown and Black

AT LAST! I have a working computer! So after 6 years with a dinosaur of a
dell, I now have a little Hp! so that means more styles/styling tips/personal
I feel like in every girls style there is a neutral that she would probably
lean towards more, brown or black. I have always preferred black my self and
envied girls who wore brown so well. After growing up a little with my style I
realized my love for the combination of both.
It is said that brown and black are taboo, and you generally aren’t supposed
to mix them( as well as brown and navy, brown and grey). It is a lie. They pair
together perfectly, and really, any of these do! These are all neutrals so they
can all work together!
Working at Wet Seal it amazes me how much I actually have to explain this to
women. You can wear brown and black together! For those women who think i’m
crazy or are scared of this combo, I give them the perfect print to throw into
the mix: Leopard Print! It is obvious that it matches both neutrals, and it
actually helps the girls who are afraid of leopard too. It helps them where
animal print in a toned down way!
Here I use a skinny leopard print belt to seperate my brown chiffon blouse
with my black skinny jeans. I use a cognac colored envelope clutch(NOTO) to accesorize with and black
pointy-toed flats. Jewelry is something I am picky and scarce with, you might
even notice this in my other posts. I have peices that I love with pops of
interest to me and usually repeat them over and over again. Here I am wearing my
twisty ring that can also be a bracelet, which I wear every day, my turquoise
ring for a pop of color, and my brown tassel chain necklace.

As always, photos by Lindsey