Friday, January 13, 2012

West Coast/ East Coast

Coming from California to Ohio has posed some challenges in preparing for what winter actually feels like. I did live in a place where it did snow a few times in the winter, But nothing like this. After a few years of practice, figuring out that i need things like wool, and layers and lining in coats to keep myself freezing, I have finally got a collection a proper winter attire.This winter stockholm has been my inspiration for winter clothing, ans though to look as chic as them is very difficult, I am atleast taking it into consideration when I dress for a day in the cold.Here I am in a way bring my western roots to the east combining a cowboy boot with a winter coat. It’s kind of my happy medium between going from there to here.

Wet Seal- coat, jeans, boots. H&M- scarfphotos by Lindsey.

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