Friday, January 20, 2012

Default: Animal

Animal print gives me two different feelings: confidence and comfort. There is something about animal print that bundles these two up for me perfectly. It could be because my room is covered in it, it could be because when you see my friends and I, chances are one of us are wearing a form of it. or maybe just the simple fact that it is versatile and amazing.

Some may disagree. I have heard people call it trashy, and I have even heard the term hooker used in relation to the print. Oh no, I stop them quickly and explain this:

It is the perfect pattern to mix with your neutrals, or even colors, for example: I really enjoy it with orange, red, and green.(anyone who has been to Cilantro in akron- the entire color and pattern theme for that place- perfect!) If someone is too scared to wear an animal print, I tell them to start out small with a belt or scarf or something. Then they can move on to bigger and better things once they’ve had their toes in the water for a bit.

This leopard blazer is a real treasure in my eyes. I’ve worn it in so many ways, but this outfit is a new favorite of mine. I really enjoy the all black with hints of gold, and animal print as well as a faux fur clutch(which is actually a muff too!). The leather shorts are a nice texture change between the blacks too. I know some of you are picky about matching your blacks, or browns, or any color for that matter.

Here is a suggestion: Mix the textures! there is no way they are going to match perfectly, so this may help put your mind at ease when you don’t match perfectly AND it makes the like color scheme more interesting! keep this in mind and try it, I promise you wont be disappointed!

If you need some inspiration for animal print, I will give you my fashion muse to look up: Allison Mosshart. She looks badass, but still put together.

Forever 21: shorts, shirt, tights. Wet Seal: shoes. H&M: blazer. Clutch/Muff: Icing. Jewelry: betsey johnson, charlotte russe, aldo.

Photos by Lindsey


  1. This outfit has beautiful textures! You make me want to rock more leopard print.

  2. love this edgy look, so glad to have popped over from the modcloth style ambassador FB group! :)