Monday, March 14, 2011

Prada Fantasy Spring book spring 2011

The art in this is amazing and I'm obsessed with how much orange and all these bright colors are being brought out Maybe it's because of my dying for winter to be over, but it is fantastic.

This spring collection is a psychedelic mix on resort and the 50's barbie.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Missy and I out for drinks before Mike's show. Best Dirty martini I've ever had.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pucci Fall 2011

Amazing Palette. I would wear all of these right off the runway onto the streets. The rich greens, furs, and embellishments are making me nostalgic for the 40's.

Pretty Things Peep Show

This weekend my boyfriend and I went go see the amazing Pretty things peep show. It was a mix between sideshow and burlesque and they hailed straight from Coney Island, which made it pretty legit.

The show was amazing, filled with tattooed pin-up ladies with cute names like Heather Holiday and Go-Go Amy, and a very entertaining host? ring man? I am not up on my burlesque Jargon, but non the less, he was funny and had the worlds most amazing mustache! They also featured local acts in the show, like a group of girls from Cleveland that were dressed as flappers and did the Charleston.

The Burlesque dancing was adorable and classic. I felt like I had stepped back and time and loved it. It was very tasteful.

The ladies were amazing, not just with how talented they were on stage, but off as well. They made all of their own costumes and did their own hair and make up which was PERFECT. The fact that they could move around so much and still keep their pin-curls in tact was impressive. The costumes were intricate and beautiful, I think they could probably come out with their own line of burlesque type things that people might be interested in.

The show’s side show tricks were insane. They swallowed swords, like 3 at one time, swallowed fire, danced on glass, and hammered nails into their heads.

They tour pretty often, I think this was their 3rd time in Akron with in a year's time. So check out their tour dates and see if they will be near you anytime soon. Trust me it's like nothing you have ever seen.

M.I.A. Platinum Blonde at Versace during Milan Fashion Week.

She looks so amazing, I'm dying over her with this hair color.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

slow and steady wins the race

Sooo needless to say, the beginning of my blog branching has been slow and painful. I have many goals for the blog, however finding the time and confidence is what is getting me.

I am in the middle of Mid-terms.
I work 40 hours a week
I am trying to squeeze in a decent amount of sleep every night.
I am going out with friends/boyfriend when I can.
I am also trying to work out more. I took spinning for school last semester, now I need to make my own time to do it. WHHAAA I'm complaining!

Don't get me wrong, I am confident. Give me a speech to give in front of class, or show me a theif at work and I will be all over them.
However, My goal for Daily outfits/ outfit ideas/ photos in general is lacking right now do to, yes, my fear of taking pictures of myself.
seriously, kudos to all of you who can, you look great!
Every Time I try I have horrible Myspace angle flashbacks.
I am also just not handy with the camera/remember I have one.

I am going to try and suck it up, and take some photos of myself in clothes! bare with me, they may have a rough start(and sorry if I have the horrid myspace angle in there).
Also, I will try to remember I have a camera and take pictures while I'm out and about in life.

Real blogging to come! woo!