Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

MC Hair Fashion Show + Noto: People

A week ago today I attended the MC Hair fashion show featuring Noto to give Akron it’s own rendition of Fashion’s night out. Many amazing people helped in making the night. The first person, who seriously ended up making my entire night, was Lauren Ward of Noto.

Lauren is the owner of downtown Akron’s boutique Noto, where she bring city style chic clothing to Akron with mostly independent designers, including Canada’s Gentle fawn. She also has a local vintage line and some jewelry from local designers as well. The slogan for her shop is “fashion is a choice” and at the MC fashion event on Thursday she gave all attendees plenty of choices.

In the back of the salon she had a mini version of her store set up with and adorable display of accessories and multiple rolling racks full of clothing for summer and winter. I was literally dying over everything she had, especially her coat collection. I bought two things: a convertible clutch/purse and a green woven belt which I got 20 percent off of for purchasing at the event. The 20 percent off coupon was available for everyone at the even and I know most people took advantage of them. To me, this was the best part about the entire night so I do recommend checking out her store!

Other great people of the evening were Liz and Jason Of Urban Eats who catered the event with an array of amazing food. Urban Eats is located next to Musica and Noto and is full of amazing food and art done by Jason.

And the in house artist for the event Bernadette Glorioso who drew a picture from a fashion coffee table book and then painted it encouraging party goers to paint too. It was mainly little girls who kept getting in line to paint…and then there was Lindsey and I right there with them. I got pretty excited about the color pink I made.

The best part about Noto and Urban Eats is that they are ownder by incredibly down to earth people aaaandd they are right next to each other! It’s perfect! So the next time you go to a show at musica, stop in and visit them! Also please please check out Bernadette’s art! it’s incredible!

All photos by Lindsey

Sunday, September 11, 2011

M.C. Hair fashion show + NOTO

Last Thursday was the kick off of fashion week. In New York City they celebrate with Fashion’s Night Out, in Akron, we celebrate with a hair fashion show/make over party/clothing store/a lot of free wonderful prizes! Needless to say, this was an extraordinary evening.

It was held at Studio MC in Cuyahoga Falls, OH where they featured Bumble and Bumble hair products, bare minerals make overs, an in house artist, a clothing store(NOTO) and eating, drinking, and dancing!

I simply cannot put this night into one post so I am dedicating the week to the event! 5 days featuring a nouns: people, places, and things!

The people being:

Lauren Ward of NOTO

Jason and Liz(not pictured) of Urban Eats

Bernadette Glorioso


M.C. Hair Consultants and Studio MC


Noto, The Salon, The food and event, the cause, the art and the prizes!

The event was truly amazing in all parts and I want to give it the right amount of praise needed! Keep checking back this week to see more!

All photos credited to Lindsey

Friday, September 2, 2011