Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Re-think Red

Back in elementary school we learned about the color red and why it was used for stop signs, logos, and by fast food restaurants- It is bold, abrasive and eye catching. This color tends to be avoided by people when getting dressed in the morning for this reason. Think about how often you see people wearing red. Really, the people who do feel comfortable in red are the only ones who tend to wear it most often. This is why red pants are the perfect solution.

I know it seems scary because they are jeans that aren’t blue of black, but that's ok! You can honestly just treat them the same and usually it still looks great! Its always safe to go black and white with them. Navy is great too. I personally love leopard and florals with them. If you are worried about making the plunge, head into Wet Seal, they have a good pair of inexpensive jeans that fit pretty well. Play around with them, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Here I am wearing them with a Denim button up and my leopard loafers! How would you rock red jeans?

All photos by Lindsey

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

White Noise

With the amount designers, styles, trends and stores I can see how it is sometimes difficult to keep up with what if supposed to be seen as stylish or fashionable. Along with that there are magazines, critics and even bloggers telling which style is the best- after a while, it all starts to sound like a bunch of white noise.

Not saying that I have an expert opinion on what works for someone in fashion, I too have moments where I am completely dumbfounded on what looks good. And then I go to what i know best, just as I suspect every other girl or guy does- they resort back to their own personal style.

I believe in sticking to your own personal style. I have in looking to all the bloggers I find most inspirational and I noticed one common thing amongst all of them- they all have a very distinct style of theirs that they have showcased with their fashion blogs. They always look so great in what they wear because they show confidence and comfort in their style.

This is the best inspiration and I think each girl should strive to do the same- dress for them selves, like what they wear and be confident and comfortable in what they wear. This is not an easier said than done type thing either. They all coincide with the simple idea of "Being yourself!"

If a girl or guy doesn't feel comfortable in their style, they should draw inspiration from the styles they see and go from their. I believe that everyone has style or can have style.
Everyone knows what they like, they just have to man up and dress they way they like most.

These are the things I tell girls who come into my store and dont have a clue how to dress, after this sort of pep talk, I help them find outfits that go along with what they like and then they are happy, and then they see how easy it is to dress.
It's that easy, trust your insticts, you know what you like and what looks good to you.

If you aren't convinced, come in to Wet Seal and I'll show you.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mixed Prints

I believe in mixing prints! Whole-heatedly! If you put different prints together, like how it looks, but are afraid of people thinking you will look like a mess...they are wrong. Trust your instinct on it, if you like how it looks it probably does look great. If you are concerned about the taste level I think there are a few tricks/tips you can go with:

1. Use classic prints. polka-dots and stripes, stripes and stripes, plaid and plaid. You get the idea.
2. Stay within the same color scheme or else keep it neutral.
3. If mixing classic prints with wild prints, keep the wild one to a minimum and keep the rest of the outfit basic.(my outfit for example is very basic with the classic stripe, then I mixed in the leopard only in with one smaller article.)

Still not convinced? Check out this article in The New York Times.
what prints do you like to mix?
photos by Lindsey.