Monday, January 30, 2012

The Civil Side

As my end to college slowly approaches I am starting to consider future jobs and with that I need to consider looking like a more civilized human being. Not saying that I’m not civilized, or even presentable, however my tattoos and stretched ears wont always be seen that way.This past week I had to go to a company with my sales class and dress professional, which meant being completely covered. This is not an issue for me, and it never will be, I love tattoos and will show them if I can, but if they have to be covered it doesn’t matter, I’ll put them away for a while, I know they’ll be there when I get back.

So with that being said and being that it’s winter- I love a reason to dress up and cover up! This blouse is nice because it’s sheerness isn’t an issue due to the pattern, you can barely make out a tattoo under it. I love the toile type flower in black and white, and my green skirt is a nice structured cotton and tulip fit. and of course my legs are covered with tights. Oh, how I love winter for my ability to wear tights so often!The really amazing camouflage to my sort of alternative style is all thanks to my Mom for finding me the rose plugs on-line from Urban Star. Since I’ve worn them I’ve only had one person realize that they were plugs. Great job, Mom!

Even though I may not get the awesome job of dressing rock stars or something like that, I can still be covered in tattoos, and for the most part, hide them from the world. Unfortunantly my 3 job stoppers may pose more of a problem. The two on my neck can usually be covered by hair, but the one on my hand…well there is make up for that. Even if you don’t have tattoos to cover, there are a few concealers that can be used that will basically cover ANYTHING.

Dermablend and Tattoo Concealer by Kat Von D are both effective, long lasting and water proof!
Wet Seal- shoes, blouse. Forever 21- skirt, tights. Jewelry- betsey johnson, urban star

Photos by Lindsey

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  1. i love the look! and as a tattooed gal myself, it's fun to hide them and then take them back out. great idea on the rose plugs, so kudos to your mom!