Thursday, February 2, 2012


In light of my roommate being home from sicily, I am playing a little bit of a game of hookie today. I’m going to one class, but today is a self proclaimed mental health/ fun/ casual day.

It started out with some fake sunlight and some blue cheese and celery soup from Lockview which was amazing! now time for a little bit of class, then more play time!

What do you do when you play hookie?

Photos by Lindsey.


  1. that sweater! it's amazing.

    i used to stay home from school and curl up with my dogs - or go out to eat with my husband. when i get my paid time off now, it's always flying to florida.

    <3 katherine.

  2. gorgeous jumper! is it vintage?? i would love to play hooky but when you get kids it becomes harder! but if i could i would watch trashy tv, read magazines and eat good food allll day!! :)