Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fort Day

We all know Valentine's day as a day to celebrate love and the way Mike and I celebrate this day is with our long standing tradition of...FORT DAY!
We don't believe in fancy gifts or dinners, we believe in making this day all about what we love- all things fun, simple, and even a little childish.
This may also be the best way to celebrate on a budget as well!
Ideas for Valentines on a budget:
-Make a gift: this is full proof because this is really how you show how much you love your significant other. When you make something they can see all the love you put into it.
-Write a note/Make a list: this is what the day is about right? Showing them how you feel!
-Do something together: Make dinner, set the table, watch a movie, make gifts for each other together. Doing stuff together is the best way to bond.
-Make a Playlist: of every cheesy love song that reminds you of the person. Then listen to it
during your activities!
-Build a fort: Make a squishy, comfy place for you two to cuddle up and watch a movie.
This day doesn't have to be a cheesy day with heart shaped candys, expensive things and roses- It can be just another day spent together in a fun way.
Happy Fort day everyone!

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