Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vintage Summer

I’ll admit it! Don’t really like thrifting! I’m trying to I swear and I want to, but I am very impatient and I get fed up with it unless I’m having a lucky day. Most of my thrifted things are gifts, but each item is making me realize how amazing thrifting really is. cheap, amazing, unique items? I need to get better at this!

This purse is a wonderful example. My friend Cydney got this vintage coach purse for me at a thrift store she used to work at. I think she paid something ridiculous like six dollars. AMAZING! Thank you Cydney!

My button up was thrifted by my best friend Elisabeth from a vintage shop in London. It fits me perfectly!

Believe it or not I thrifted my ring. See, I’m trying.

Thrift shopping saves you money and gets you cool original pieces for cheap! Who knew? apparently everyone.

Other Items: glasses $3 at Wet Seal, shorts $15 at Wet Seal, bracelets $4 at Forever 21, shoes $22 at Charlotte Russe.

I'm really excited about my new tattoo!

Photos were taken by Lindsey, check her out at


  1. Thrifting was so difficult for me at first, too...
    Then I realized I just have to try EVERYTHING on that I'm even remotely interested in.
    That's how I started leaving with so many treasures :)