Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bad Hair Day Gone Right.

Regardless of it being summer I usually have to get up early for work, and sometimes those mornings aren’t the prettiest depending on the night’s activities before. Usually those ugly mornings consist of hair that wont be able to be fixed regardless of how much a tease and brush and spray an pull. I know everyone has these mornings and I know everyone has pretty much the same solution: a hat.

On a morning just like how I just described I picked up a hat that helped me discover an outfit I never realized I had. So it really ended up being a bad hair day gone right. It made me realize that I should be looking at my accessories more to help me get out of my closet slumps. Seriously try it sometimes. It is kind of a refreshing way to look at your closet.

These photos were taken by my friend Lindsey, Check out more of her photos at: