Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Re-think Red

Back in elementary school we learned about the color red and why it was used for stop signs, logos, and by fast food restaurants- It is bold, abrasive and eye catching. This color tends to be avoided by people when getting dressed in the morning for this reason. Think about how often you see people wearing red. Really, the people who do feel comfortable in red are the only ones who tend to wear it most often. This is why red pants are the perfect solution.

I know it seems scary because they are jeans that aren’t blue of black, but that's ok! You can honestly just treat them the same and usually it still looks great! Its always safe to go black and white with them. Navy is great too. I personally love leopard and florals with them. If you are worried about making the plunge, head into Wet Seal, they have a good pair of inexpensive jeans that fit pretty well. Play around with them, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Here I am wearing them with a Denim button up and my leopard loafers! How would you rock red jeans?

All photos by Lindsey


  1. Cute outfit! Love the loafers with red pants =) Good advice on how to wear colored denim too.

    xx Missy

  2. Found your blog through the Fashion{Insta} post by Hilary! Loving your outfits. Followed!