Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mixed Prints

I believe in mixing prints! Whole-heatedly! If you put different prints together, like how it looks, but are afraid of people thinking you will look like a mess...they are wrong. Trust your instinct on it, if you like how it looks it probably does look great. If you are concerned about the taste level I think there are a few tricks/tips you can go with:

1. Use classic prints. polka-dots and stripes, stripes and stripes, plaid and plaid. You get the idea.
2. Stay within the same color scheme or else keep it neutral.
3. If mixing classic prints with wild prints, keep the wild one to a minimum and keep the rest of the outfit basic.(my outfit for example is very basic with the classic stripe, then I mixed in the leopard only in with one smaller article.)

Still not convinced? Check out this article in The New York Times.
what prints do you like to mix?
photos by Lindsey.

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