Monday, August 29, 2011

Putting Up a Fight

It is the first day of school today. I’m pretty reluctant to set foot on campus right now. One- because I spent yesterday at cedar point and am now exhausted. Two- because the first day of school simply means….summer is over? Not if I can help it.

We were lucky enough to be blessed with a week of warm weather to kick off the year which mean I am going to squeeze in every summer outfit I have before it is too late. Bring it on fall, I am about to fight back with florals and brights.(Not that you can’t wear these in other seasons, but you have to with a certain subtly compared to going all out in summer.) There are some fall trends and styles that I am really looking forward to though.

Here I am wearing my floral high-waisted shorts from forever 21. A red tank from Wet Seal. Cream oxfords for PacSun. I added some layers of bright colored bracelets and my antique ring that I got as my “class ring” in high school.(class rings are ugly, so my mom and I decided to find a unique one just for me.)

I will be putting up a fight all week until the cold sets in.


Check out more photos done by Lindsey on her Flickr.

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