Monday, May 2, 2011


One of the main reasons why I went platinum blonde was to be bright in the middle of shitty dreary winter. It is dark, depressing and gray. Blonde is bright and happy and stands out even on the darkest days. This seasons spring trend follows the need to liven up the dark cold season that we are finally over: Brights!

We have been seeing brights pop up everywhere all spring and my favorite way to see it is when bright colors are paired together!

I wore this outfit to work the other day. It is mainly wet seal, The purple body con is wet seal and is only $10.50! The coral tank is also wet seal and was $7.80.(these are the real prices, not with my discount. This outfit is so affordable!)

The sequin blazer and the black oxfords are charlottle russe and the tights are from gabes. Over all this outfit couldn’t have been more than 40!

My necklace is Betsey Johnson and I watched it for over 3 months until is went on sale, plus I had a coupon and a gift card! so over all I paid 36 for it which was pretty great since I think i was starting to dream about it.

I found the black and gold bracelet at my old house where my roomates through a random party with people I didn’t know, the next day I discovered it and figured it was fair game. sorry!

These are my Disney rings! The crown is from Disney Land and the Shark mouth is from the little mermaid collection for Disney Couture from Karmaloop.

Next time is a dreary day, Throw on some bright colors, and boost your mood and look good too! or go get some bleach!

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