Monday, January 28, 2013

Happiness Is a New Idea.


I don’t talk about being in school on here often, but each day further into my fashion merchandising major fuels me. I have a love hate relationship with the school of fashion. Obviously, I am incredibly grateful for going to school everyday and learning more about my passion, but I am also newly inspired everyday by what surrounds me. Whether it be the fashion I see on other students (sometimes I feel like I’m at the capital in The Hunger Games with the styles I see), the abundance of information regarding fashion news and trends, or just the fact that every class I attend reassures me that I am doing the right thing.
I have mentioned this before on here, but I have been in school for a while, I started college as a fine arts major and two years into it I panicked and knew it wasn't right for me. Fashion was not always an obvious career path for me, just something I was interested in, but I took a chance with fashion merchandising and couldn't be happier.
To those who are unsure of what they want and where they will end up, this is for you. Take a chance, go with your gut, and see what happens. Amazing things are bound to happen.
In light of a theme I’m noticing emerge here on my blog…keeping positive and happy, especially in the winter, and taking chances and finding what is right for you..
I chose a way to dress up in the winter. It is so easy to fall in the funk of not caring what you look like when its cold, but it is just as easy to throw on a dress and a nice pair of shoes and tights. I am so inspired by girls here in Akron especially, regardless of how cold it is, I know I can probably go to High Land Square and see some girls who care. This goes out to you as well.
All Photos Be Lindsey


  1. I love this dress and any reason to dress up is always a good one. I'm glad you chose the right path (and fashion) because you were clearly meant to do it.

  2. Such good advice.

    Also, you look lovely in the green. The dress is fantastic.