Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting Personal


My favorite thing about fashion is and always will be style. A piece of clothing, like a plain black dress, can be completely transformed depending on the girl wearing it, and how she makes it fit her style. Personal style is what makes one’s fashion sense completely unique to them. And when you are dressed completely to your taste, you generally feel your best and most confident. This is the power of someone individuality. As cheesy as this may sound, it’s true. and you know it it.

With that being said I was lucky enough to get this Brooklyn Canvas dress from Sugar lips to make my own and style as I please. When I received the dress, I had a completely different style in mind for it. I was going to wear it as more of a bohemian style dress with some black sandals and a jean vest with wavy hair. Obviously, I didn’t take that route. When I tried the dress on one night before taking photos, My hair was done up like this twisty, faux victory roll style, and I got inspired. It made me think of the blues in the 60’s. (Watch Cadillac Records, and you will see!) I decided to pair the dress with my wing tips from Urban Outfitters, and my vintage blue belt that I got at a clothing swap, and boom, I felt like I was ready to go see Muddy Waters play in Chicago. If only…I am going to Chicago this weekend, so maybe I can just pretend.

My switch from one style to the next with this dress is a perfect example of how a piece can be transformed. It just depends on your mood and what inspires your style. All of the different prints in the dresses and tops at Sugar lips really speak to me in creating a more retro-vibe in my style. What inspires your styling?



All Photos By Lindsey.


  1. I love the dress and shoes! My feet are too big to wear shoes like that but they are fab!

  2. wow!!! i love your blog! i've just been perusing your pictures and i love the way you play with color. i'm now officially a subscriber <3

    just out of curiosity... what size dress is this? i'm plus-sized and hoping i might be able to fit into some of their dresses, depending on the style. thanks! :)

    sarah rose

    1. Hi! thank you! the dress is a medium, but it fits huge!! I am not positive if they all run big, but this one does for sure! hope you try it!

  3. Your Marilyn tattoo is so dope! As is your style! :) Love your blog.