Sunday, April 22, 2012

Color Story

I have always wanted to try a bright colored tight, but I have been aprensive. I guess i have always thought of bright colored tights as like neon and scary and kind of something people wear to raves. I dont know why, but thats what I think of! Luckily a friend of mine has convinced me otherwise.

Jessica from Midwest Muse can literally pull of any color of tight and it’s adorable. The last time I saw her she was wearing these burgundy colored tights with a skirt and a blouse that matched perfectly. It was so cute. I expressed to her my concerns about bright colored raver tights and she said to choose tasteful colors, not neons.

It really makes sense. It is so easy to match with jewel tones, and brights are especially nice for spring. So here I had my first attempt! I chose these cobalt blue tights given to me by my friend Ashley. I took the tights, went to my closet, and dove in to find the perfect blue to match it. When I emerged, i had found this accordion pleated dress I got from Wet Seal a couple months before hand.
I have recently been into mixing different bright colors so this dress was a perfect choice! So here it is Jessica, my first attempt at colored tights. I hope I made you proud and didn’t put you to shame!

Here is Jessica with a very cute striped dress and colored tight outfit! Check out her blog for more colored tight options.

what was your first colored tight outfit?
all photos by Lindsey.


  1. I love it! I knew you could pull it off. The color of those tights is perfect and it really brings out the blue in the dress. Plus this dress + blazer combo is beautiful. You need to teach me how to wear/purchase a blazer that fits like this.

  2. the both of you look awesome, but i sometimes feel the same way! i bought a bold burgandy one and i havent found a way to wear it well yet. but jesus, you guys still have snow?! horrible

  3. How did you decide to just take the plunge to go platinum? I am in love with platinum and dying to know how it would look on me... or red... I'm your newest follower!

  4. The platinum was kind of an accident, but it ended up being the best accident i've ever had! It is scary at first, but blonde seriously amazing! It's worth a shot!