Monday, February 14, 2011

They Like Me Better Blonde

Blonde hair changed me in the best and most amazing ways. I met my boyfriend of now 3 years, met a lot of new people, got a job that I love and discovered my true passion, fashion.

What does hair color have to do with fashion? Everything. It is your number one accessory, it is always there, always helps to make a statement, even if I decided to shave my head I would be making a statement in my wardrobe. The color and the style can make your look. My blonde hair made me who I am.

I had always experienced with different colors. Going from light brown, then dark, then black, black and red, black and platinum, to just light brown. I was trying to find away to make my best accessory work for me. Then one day I bought a box of blonde hair dye, colored my hair, and that was that. since then it has gotten gradually lighter to finally become platinum.

Some might say that I'm fake. I colored my hair, got a boyfriend and got new friends. how fake? NO.

For me it was finally becoming who I wanted to be and discovering who I could be. It is bright and beautiful and goes with everything. It gives me edge and confidence.

Blonde isn't the color for everyone, for those women who look best with red, or black or brown, that is amazing. That is your best accessory, rock it and make it your own. As long as you feel good and feel like the best you, then it is amazing.

Some people might like you better as a red head.
Some might like you better as a brunette.
Some might like you better with jet black hair.
but for me,
They Like Me Better Blonde.

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